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Disposible Briefs?
What? What makes them disposable? And how often do you find yourself needing disposable underwear? Why would you ever want disposable underwear when you could buy permanent underwear? Are they for male prostitutes? Anyone have any ideas?

WetNap Package
On a package of WetNaps given to me on the plane from Nanjing to Guangzhou. Hygiene Wet Turban Needless Wash? I’m having a hard time figuring out what that’s even supposed to say. Hygiene I understand. Same with Wet. But Turban? Needless? Just odd.

Corn on the Cop?
From the breakfast buffet at our hotel. Corn on the Cop? Sounds like some sort of kinky Village People game…

So loyal PCWEI readers, you may or may not know that Sean (our fearless leader) is in China for the next week or so channeling his inner Mao. So your’s truly has decided to actually post something for the first time in well…. who the hell knows how long!

I saw the teaser trailer for “Ocean’s 13” last night and I’ve got to say I’m intrigued. I absolutely LOVED Ocean’s 11 when it came out in 2001. It was well written, had a great cast and took place in one of my favorite places of all time….. That’s right VEGAS baby!!! Come to think of it I believe I saw Ocean’s 11 shortly before my first visit to Sin City. Anyhow then a few years later Ocean’s 12 came out. Same stellar cast, funny moments (The whole Julia Roberts being Julia Roberts thing comes to mind) and an interesting story, but there were some plot holes and it was quite as exciting as the first.

Now coming to a theater on June 8 we get the next installment of this powerhouse franchise. I’m not sure what the plot line is, and frankly it’s better that way. But I do know that the cast is back pretty much intact, with the exception of Julia Roberts I believe. However the addition of Ellen Barkin could prove interesting. However the biggest name to be added to the list is Michael Corleone himself…… That’s right Al “Hoo-Ah” Pacino is in the flick as well.

So will I go see this latest George Clooney/ Steven Soderbergh crime caper? You’re damn right I will! Will it live up to Ocean’s 11 (one of my top 10 favorite movies from the past 10 yrs or so?)? That remains to be seen. So here is the teaser trailer…. and I’ll see you at the theater on 6/8/2007

For nostalgia here ais the trailer for Ocean’s 11

This is just weird, yet oddly funny. The folks over at have put together a video of Kermit covering Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”. Very strange. As they explain on their site:

Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex. His fall to rock-bottom was quick and unrelenting. These songs document Kermit’s pain during these years…and years to come.

Also check out the Audio section of their site for more goodies, including this little update of a classic:
Sad Kermit - Rainbow Connection

Yeah, but do they talk?
Ok, ok, it’s not a Chuck E Cheese. But come on, doesn’t it look like they should start moving and singing bad songs (sorry for bringing up any bad memories Aaron…). Actually they are figures a the Zhonghua Gate, a piece of the wall around the ancient city of Nanjing, built in the 1300s. More pictures here. These characters represent the four mythical folks who traveled to India to study and bring back ideas. Or at least that’s what our guide said. I think they’re there to entertain children at birthday parties.

The Aristocrats?
I fully admit my mind is usually in the gutter, but I can’t even think of a non-gutter explanation for this one…The only thing I can come up with is that it’s a Chinese diorama depicting the Aristocrats joke: the filthy joke that comedians would tell to each other, with their own improvisations, that was chronicled in the documentary The Aristocrats. If you’re unfamiliar with the joke, here’s Bob Sagat’s rendition from the movie.

Given the joke, I can only assume that’s what’s going on in this photo. Only question is where the rooster came from…

Lost in Translation
The sign over the seafood restaurant around the corner from our hotel. I’m glad to see Americans aren’t the only ones that screw up the translations. This should make all the frat boys with “Stupid White Person” tattooed on their biceps feel better.

Tasty like a baby bird should be!
In the underpass we took on the way to Wal-Mart there were dozens of restaurants and snack stands. Everything from noodle bowls to McDonalds. Plus these tasty little guys: Little baby bird kabobs. That’s right, baby birds, deep fried whole, shoved on a stick. With your choice of two seasoning mixes. Now what could be better than that?

Ok, so I didn’t actually try the baby bird kabobs. Instead I had a pork kabob with some kind of sweet & sour sauce. It was very good, and cost a grand total of $.08. Gotta love exchange rates…

Poor HowardPoor Howard. Hate to see him go that way. He was sure tasty though. Mmm mmm. He was very tricky to eat with chopsticks though. In case you can’t tell from the picture, it was a whole duck. I don’t mean a whole duck like you see in the States. I mean a WHOLE duck. Head, feet, bones, guts, and all. Hacked up with a cleaver and thrown into a wok with sauce, then served over sterno. It tasted very good, but the bones it very tricky, even for our Chinese guide.

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