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Remember the 1998 smash hit single “Flagpole Sitta” by Harvey Danger? The song basically kicks ass. Well a company called Collective Ventures (the miscreants behind Vimeo,, Busted Tees, and Defunker) made their own video for the song. It’s one single take of the camera following around employees who are lip-synching. And it kicks ass. Starts slow, but stick with it.

Watch as Little Macauly Culkin tries to defend himself from The King of Pop…

The New Pornographers
Very busy tonight, but real quick here’s a leaked track from The New Pornographers‘ forthcoming album Challenger (due out in August). Catchy!

The New Pornographers - My Rights Versus Yours

via Idolator

Charles Nelson ReillyCharles Nelson Reilly, actor and gameshow guest extraordinaire, died Sunday in Los Angeles of complications from pneumonia. Reilly was a Tony-award-winning stage actor, did a lot of voice-over work, and appeared on film and television for five decades. But I know him from his outlandish appearances on the greatest of game shows, Match Game.

Here’s a clip of CNR taking over for host Gene Rayburn:

Thanks for the memories Charles. You’ll be missed.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to see and band and had the pleasure of discovering something entirely new. That’s just what happened to me this week though. Aaron and I went to see Sunday Music Spotlight graduates The Rosebuds down in DC. Opening for them was a band I’d never heard of called The Bowerbirds.

I was worried when they were setting up for their set and all I saw was a guy with an acoustic guitar and a hight-hat (with a tambourine attached to it), a chica with an accordion, and a guy with a violin and bass drum. Not a combination of instruments you see very often. The accordion instantly made me think they were a polka band. Or that the woman was an orphaned gypsy fulfilling her father’s dream of enlightening America with his family’s unique accordion style. My skepticism grew when they had all sorts of problems setting up their mics. I was prepared for a debacle of epic proportions. Then they started playing…
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There’s really nothing I can add to this article

Ever wonder what would happen if you masturbated to the fairy in the legend of Zelda. Why, you get sucked into the game of course!

If you haven’t seen the season finale you should probably stop reading…

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Greg House, MDNot quite. Dr. House is now a member of The Order of the British Empire (which apparently is like being knighted, only nobody actually gets to call you “Sir”). A big “Rock On!” to Hugh Laurie, who, in case you didn’t know, is actually British. It’s kind of freaky to hear him speak with his British accent after watching him on House. I’m sure the Brits have a hard time listening to him speak with an American accent though.

CNN has the full story here.

Pac Man’s Skeleton
File under creepy: artist Le Gentil Garçon’s representation of what’s going on under Pac Man’s skin. His description:

Second version of Pac-man’s skeleton, conceived in collaboration with François Escuilié, palaeontologist, from the comparative observation of human and various predatory animal skulls. His studio’s team, “Eldonia”, specialized in casting fossils, made the edition.

This might actually keep me awake tonight…

via Kotaku

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