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This could become a regular feature here at PCWEI. I really enjoy wacky and offbeat covers. The wackier the better. Last week it was the cover of “I Will Survive” on the banjo ukulele. This week we’re sticking with a similar instrument, with a cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” on the regular uke. Enjoy!

The New Pornographers performed “My Rights Versus Yours” on Letterman last week. Here’s the video, complete with Neko’s gloriously short skirt:

NBC’s put together a little update for us on what the characters from The Office have been doing over the summer. I really can’t wait for the season to start…

Robert Schneider, most famously of The Apples in Stereo, but here performing under the his Marbles moniker, performs the classic Apples track “Stream Running Over” at HHBTM Records’ Popfest in Athens, GA, with help from other Apples.

There’s also video of another song, and an audio recording of the whole show.

via You Ain’t No Picasso

It’s not new, but I just ran across Junior Senior’s “Can I Get Get Get” the other day. And I dig the Danish Sugarhill Gang meet The B-52s groove they’ve got. It’s a bit cheesy, but I don’t care.

Sunday Music Spotlight alum Feist appeared on Letterman last night to play her uber-infectious ditty “1 2 3 4”. And as a special treat she had a choir made up of indie music stars, including members of The New Pornographers, The National, Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear, and others. Check it out:

Happy Birthday to Me

In honor of today being my birthday, I’ve compiled a few birthday tunes, and a list of cool people who happen to share the day with me:

  • Charles Calvert, 3rd Baron Baltimore, Governor of the Province of Maryland
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States
  • Lester Young, jazz saxophone player (aka Prez, aka Pork Pie Hat)
  • Mother Teresa, human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize, Atheist?
  • Sgt. Slaughter, professional wrestler
  • Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens
  • Alex Lifeson, guitarist from Rush
  • Sarah Chalke, actress from Scrubs (on the very same day!!!)

If you look at Wikipedia’s full list of births you may notice a trend: there are an awful lot of Nobel Prize winners. I guess August 27th is a day when geniuses are born…

Andrew Bird - The Happy Birthday Song

The Sugarcubes - Birthday

Thelonious Monk - Boo Boos Birthday

And an appropriate bit of comedy from Sterling, Virginia’s most bitter son, Patton Oswalt:
Patton Oswalt - You Are Allowed 20 Birthday Parties

Normally the Sunday Music Spotlight is all about the little guy – bands that are underexposed or new on the scene. This week we’re going in a different direction, highlighting a former little band that has exploded in the last couple of years, Spoon.

Spoon started in 1994 in the indie music incubator that is Austin, Texas. The story goes that guitarist and lead singer Britt Daniel met drummer Jim Eno at a party and they decided to form a band. They took the name Spoon from a song by 70s German band Can, which was featured in a movie they both liked. In 1996 Matador Records put out the band’s first CD, Telephono in 1996, leading to what appeared to be their big break, their signing with Elektra Records in 1998. The label released their sophomore album, A Series of Sneaks, then promptly dropped them. Yoink.
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The Hives - Black and WhiteThe Hives are back with a new album, creatively titled Black and White Album. It hits shelves on October 9th, but the first single, “Tick Tick Boom” is already out:

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom

The Apples in Stereo have released a second video for their song “Same Old Drag” (off of the most excellent New Magnetic Wonder). It features spinning records, spinning singers, singing sock puppets, sad clowns, and other oddness.

Personally I prefer the first video for the song, with it’s Wayne’s World vibe:

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