Dead Like Me Reborn?

Dead Like Me
Dead Like Me, the brilliantly quirky, but unfortunately short-lived Showtime series about the daily lives of a group of grim reapers, is set to return, if only briefly. Fans of the show (yours truly included) have been hoping for a return ever since it was canceled after its second season. MGM is reporting that the series will return in the form of a made-for-DVD movie directed by Stephen Herek. You may remember Herek from his Oscar-overlooked work on The Mighty Ducks. Um, maybe Dead Like Me shouldn’t come back after all…

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  1. Blair’s avatar

    While I’d rather the series come back on TV, I guess a made for DVD movie is OK too. Hope it does well so we can get the show back. I’m dying (ha) to find out what happens.

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