This Day in Pop Culture History: The Six Million Dollar Man Premiers

Steve Austin Rules!Better. Stronger. Faster. We have the technology.

Bionic Man

On January 19th, 1974 ABC aired the premier of The Six Million Dollar Man. The show centers around a test pilot named Steve Austin who is involved in a horrific crash, but is pieced back together by scientists to be stronger and faster than he was before, and make really cool noises when he did anything. Somehow he moved in slow motion too. Kick Ass!

Here’s the intro from the show, which really gives you all the information you need.

Fun trivia about The Six Million Dollar Man:

Note: Also on this day in history, Washington, DC mayor Marion “Goddam bitch set me up” Barry was arrested for drug possession (ok, that makes it sound pretty tame. Let’s face it. He was smoking crack with a hooker). You may remember that he served 6 months in prison, then got out and was RE-ELECTED. Only in DC man. Trust me, if I could find the video of him getting busted this would have been the story. But sadly YouTube, Google Video, and the internets in general let me down.

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