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If you told me I would enjoy a chilled-out acoustic cover of The Beastie Boys’ classic “Fight For Right” I would have thought you wnt off your meds. But oddly enough, that’s exactly what this is, and it actually kind of works. Instead of a shout of protest it’s more of an intense whisper of dissent. Or it’s just a really mellow version of a protest song. You take your pick.

You can find more information about singer Andrew Paul Woodworth at his MySpace page.

A new trailer for Iron Man is out. When the movie was first announced I had very little interest, expecting something like The Fantastic Four. But I have to say, the more of this I see the better it looks. Robert Downey Jr looks like a great choice to play Tony Stark, and the effects look great, without being over the top. I’m starting to really look forward to May 2nd.

Mike Myers has a new movie coming out this summer. It’s called The Love Guru and the basic premise is this: Myers plays an American who as a baby was left at an Indian asram. He grows up to become India’s second-greatest love guru. The Toronto Maple Leafs hire him to help their star player reconcile with his wife so he will play better. Wackiness ensues.

The trailer came out today. I post it not because it blew me away, but rather because it made me question why I ever found Mike Myers funny. The trailer makes this movie look like Austin Powers in India. Same jokes, same Mike Myers physical gags, and even Mini Me. The whole thing just looks tired. Check it out below and let me know if you agree or if I’m just getting grumpy in my old age.

If you’re still interested The Love Guru hits theaters June 20th.

Sarah Dunn is playing Harley Quinn in The Dark Knight
Details have leaked about another character in The Dark Knight. British actress Sarah Jayne Dunn is on board to play Harley Quinn, a psychotic clown who just happens to be The Joker’s girlfriend.

IMDB lists Dunn in the cast for the movie, but doesn’t give a character name. Her online resume is a different story however. It clearly lists her as Harley Quinn. There’s no word on whether Harley will get a substantial role or serve only as a henchwoman for The Joker.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Harley Quinn, here’s a brief introduction:

BTW, Kevin Smith likes Harley Quinn so much he named his daughter after her. So that makes her cool in my book.

The Dark Knight is due to hit theaters July 18th.

via FilmSchoolRejects

Kevin Smith is hard at work shooting his latest film Zack And Miri Make A Porno, starring Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks. Apparently feeling inspired by Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman’s recent videos, Smith unleashed this homage today. In it Elizabeth Banks admits that she is, much to her chagrin, f***ing Seth Rogan. Hilarious.

Warning: This isn’t censored. At all.

I actually watched Kimmel last night post-Oscars, and this had me almost in tears from laughing. Hilarious. See if you can spot all the celebrity cameos:

Well Juno didn’t win Best Picture, and Ellen Page didn’t win Best Actress, but they’re both still cooler than liquid nitrogen in the freezer. Here’s a clip of Page and co-star Michael Cera extemporaneously writing a song about director Jason Reitman:

via my new favorite blog Analogue

No Country for Old Men
The Oscars are over, and I just wanted to offer a few thoughts.

  • Best Picture and Best Director went to No Country for Old Men. This was one of the strongest group of nominees I can remember, and No Country for Old Men is certainly worthy. My personal pick would have been Juno, and There Will Be Blood was also remarkable, but I’m not going to complain. Congrats to the Coens, though The Big Lebowski still isn’t funny…
  • Transformers got shut out! 0 for 3. See, I’m right, it’s not a good movie.
  • Way to go The Bourne Ultimatum! Three awards (three more than Transformers). Between this and the announcement of a fourth Bourne movie it’s been a very good Bourne weekend.
  • It’s hard to see Javier Bardem without his Dorothy Hamill hair cut
  • I’m very happy that Best Original Song went to Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová for “Falling Slowly” from Once (watch the scene here). I never actually wrote anything about this movie, but I have to say it was one of the most engaging films I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a relief that a good song, a heartfelt song, a song with real feeling beat out THREE pre-packaged Disney songs. I’m pretty sure my mom, sister, and niece are very upset by this.
  • I’m a little bummed Ellen Page didn’t win Best Actress, but I’m definitely interested in seeing La Vie en Rose, for which Marion Cotillard won. At least Ellen looked good.
  • Can Jon Stewart host every year? Seriously. Bravo Jon for bringing Markéta Irglová back to the stage after the music cut her off. Classy move sir.
  • Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill were funny, but the funniest moment came when Josh Brolin tried to do a Jack Nicholson impression, then apologized to Jack.
  • I can’t imagine anyone giving a better performance than Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood or Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men. Both men were absolutely chilling, and couldn’t have deserved their awards more.
  • It’s a little hard to believe Johnny Greenwood wasn’t nominated for Best Score for There Will Be Blood. His music fit the film like an old G-string on Diablo Cody…

Is there anything I missed? Have something to get off your chest? Go ahead and leave a comment.

The Felice Brothers
The Felice Brothers sound like they just got here from the past. So much so that if you close your eyes you might think it’s 1965 and you’re listening to Bob Dylan with his new backing band, The Hawks. It’s not 1965 however, and it’s not Dylan and The Hawks, or The Band that came from it. It’s the Felice Brothers, a group of real brothers (plus a friend) from just outside Woodstock, NY, the town that served as a home-away-from-home for Dylan and The Band. Their music is rooted in the same sense of Americana as The Band. As a matter of fact, The Felice Brothers could be the world’s best Band cover band, if only their original songs weren’t so damn good.
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This is why Jonathan Coulton is the Godfather of Geek Rock. JoCo took the stage at the Game Developer Conference to do a short set. To close the set he brought up a couple of friends and PLAYED HIS OWN SONG IN ROCK BAND. Turns out his song “Still Alive”, which was featured in the game Portal, is going to be a downloadable extra for Rock Band. Check out the video below:

Great job Jonathan. Though next time try to get better than 95% on the vocals… :)

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