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One can only expect fun and fireworks when two former Daily Show correspondents get together. And that’s just what we got when Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell got together at NYC’s Apple Store for a sit down about Carell’s Get Smart. The pair shows off their wide range of talents when they decide to sing the National Anthem, in harmony! Check it out:

Dr. Dog - an indie rock band from Philly
Contrary to what the name may evoke, Dr. Dog is not the unholy love child of Dr. Dre and his protege Snoop Dogg. Nor is it the latest fad in children’s television programming. So what is it? It’s a band built on the idea that they are the only band that ever was, and therefore gets to make up their own rules as they go along.
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Rose McGowan will star in Robert Rodriguez\'s remake of Red Sonja

From the “wha?” department…

Rose McGowan is set to star in a remake of the ridiculous classic 80’s fantasy Red Sonja. Even stranger, the movie is set to be made by her boyfriend, Robert Rodriguez.

If you don’t remember Red Sonja I don’t blame you. I’m pretty sure the only reason I do is that my little brother watched it on about 200 times on an endless loop (on Beta, nonetheless). The basic premise is that Sonja is a female version of Conan the Barbarian, and she has to save her world from an evil bad guy out to take it over.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s count the ways this is a bad idea. First, in the original Sonja is played by Brigitte Nielsen, a 6′ 1″ Dane who is built to play an ass-kicking Valkyrie. McGowan is 5′ 4″. Not exactly barbarian material.

Second, Rodriguez is a good director, but he doesn’t exactly have any experience in the fantasy genre. He does great with Mexican westerns (Desperado, El Mariachi) and zombie flicks (Planet Terror), so-so with comic book movies (Sin City), and I’m assuming fairly well with kids movies (all the Spy Kids movies). But what makes us think he’ll be any good at epic fantasy?

Finally, and most importantly, the original movie was just stupid. So how about we just leave it alone? To wither and die. Like it should.

Matt Damon will return as Jason Bourne in a fourth movie
Producer Frank Marshall confirmed to IESB that the fourth installment of the Bourne franchise will hit theaters in 2010. No word yet on the story, though it will not be based on any of the books. Not that the first three were really based on the books either.

via SlashFilm

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in Get Smart

It’s a recipe for disaster: take a current TV star and put him in a movie version of a classic TV show. It’s sure to disappoint both the star’s fans and fans of the old show. The script will be contrived, stuck between slipping in homages to the original and providing modern audiences with what they expect from current movies. The director is sure to assemble lots of other stars in supporting roles, to bring in audience members who aren’t fans of either the TV star or the original series, and they will end up being completely wrong for their parts. In short, it will be exactly the sort of summer blockbuster shit that nobody actually enjoys, yet somehow makes money.
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I love it when white boys cover gangsta rap. Who didn’t love Dynamite Hack’s cover of Eazy-E’s “Boyz N the Hood”? Here’s Ben Folds, who in case you hadn’t noticed is very white, covering Dr. Dre’s “Bitches Ain’t Shit”. It’s become a staple of his live shows over the years, but this performance is especially cool because of the audience participation.

Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville
Wow, I’m getting old. I distinctly remember getting Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville my freshman year in college. And this week was the 15th anniversary of its release (though I actually got it a year later…I’m not THAT old). To commemorate this anniversary, let’s hop in the wayback machine and see Liz perform one of the album’s standout tracks, “Fuck and Run”, live in 1995:

To compare, here’s Liz performing the same song this week, at a special show to celebrate the album’s anniversary:

If this has tickled your nostalgia bone, Phair has released a special anniversary edition of Exile in Guyville“>Exile in Guyville. The two-disc set has four previously unreleased tracks and a making-of documentary.

Why So Serious? - The Joker from The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight is getting closer. We’re less than a month away now! And as July 18th creeps up on us the TV ads have increased. Here’s a round-up of all the TV ads so far, just in case you’re the kind of obsessive fanboy that has to see every piece of footage that’s been released so far.
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Angelina Jolie in Wanted
I’ve been going back and forth about Wanted ever since I saw the first trailer. Would it be a hyper-kick-ass, balls to the wall action film? Or a completely over-the-top parody of itself? As each new trailer has come out I’ve watched, and tried to figure it out. I was finally leaning towards the former, but this fact has pushed me right over the edge into full-on excitedness: It has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Holy shit. The Matrix only has an 86%.

In case you’ve missed it, here’s the red band trailer for Wanted, which hits theaters this Friday:

via CanMag

GI Joe:  Rise of Cobra movie poster
The first poster for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie is out. It shows Joe leader Duke in his ridiculous body armor and overly fancy gun. It also shows something we haven’t seen before: the movie’s subtitle. I have to say that up until now I’ve been very skeptical of this shameless attempt to rape my childhood memories nostalgia-fest, but now that I know that it’s subtitled Rise of Cobra, I have to say, I’m, well, unchanged. Really. This does nothing for me. Meh.

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