Conan O’Brien Rocks Out

Recently I’ve become hopelessly somewhat addicted to Guitar Hero III, so this video made me chuckle. Conan annoys his writing staff while they’re playing Rock Band, then sings The Beastie Boys’ “Sabatoge”, as Edith Bunker. A match made in heaven!

Turns out Conan’s not a bad guitar player. Keep on Rockin’ in the Writer-Free World Conan!


  1. Blair’s avatar

    I’m hopelessly addicted to both II and III. I’m up to playing on Hard though. Go me!

  2. Sean’s avatar

    I beat Medium on III in one very long evening. I just beat Tom Morello on hard last night.

  3. Blair’s avatar

    If I get a wireless adapter or a really long cable, we can battle on XBox Live. I think I can actually beat you at this.

  4. Sean’s avatar

    Bring it!

  5. Yaria’s avatar

    Conan is an ass who is not in the least bit funny. He flails his hair around and overreacts to things, and people think that’s funny? He’s no better than Dane Cook.

    The world is at its lowest point…

  6. Sean’s avatar

    Conan overreacts? Wow. You just took a funny little skit and presented it as evidence of the end of the world.

    Call me crazy, but I thought it was funny.

  7. Yaria is an unfortunate name.’s avatar

    @Sean- oh leave poor YARIA alone. I would be bitter and hateful towards others if my mom huffed gold spray paint and named me YARIA in her intoxicated state too.

  8. Escoofield’s avatar

    Wow this is so Hillarious and Funny! beautiful!
    It is truly Hilarious and very good! Thanks for this it made me laugh

    Escoofield –

    Have Fun!

  9. Lane’s avatar

    What did he overreact to here? I don’t understand you, silly girl.
    How is this not hilarious? Haha and I like his English Thom Yorke accent.

  10. The Non-Yaria’s avatar

    Actually, yaria sounds like a cool name.


    Come On! Edith Bunker doing “Sabo”? It be a good idee.

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