Metallica Getting Their Own Edition of Guitar Hero


You may remember Metallica.  They’re that band that used to kick serious ass, then got really lame and bitter.  Well now they’re trying not to be so bitter (though they’re still lame…).  Billboard is reporting that Activision is going to release an edition of Guitar Hero featuring the band, much like the soon-to-be-released Aerosmith edition.  Metallica has had several songs included in various editions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band already, but this new version would focus on their music, and ostensibly music of other bands they choose to include.

Despite the fact that I really haven’t enjoyed or appreciated anything Metallica’s done in about 12 years, I’m pretty psyched about this.  If they get the majority of the good songs from Kill ‘Em All through Metallica (the black album) it should kick ass.  But let’s just all pretend St. Anger never happened, please?


  1. metallica0wnz’s avatar

    Why do you have to diss the greatest metal band of all time, just becuse you couldnt appreciate there evolving music style, doesnt mean there albums after the black album wernt great, load reload happen to be my favorites, so your missing out. Metallica plays what they want to play if it doesnt suite your mood, well “Metall up your ASS”

  2. Sean’s avatar

    I’m sure Metallica is proud to have such loyal and literate supporters

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