New Pics from Iron Man

I Am Iron Man

A few new pics from Iron Man are out, and they finally give us a glimpse of the showdown between Iron Man and his nemesis, Iron Monger.  Iron Monger looks a lot like the original Iron Man suit that Tony Stark builds.  Since I’m not a big fan of the Iron Man comics, I have no idea if that’s what it’s supposed to look like or not.  However I do think it’s pretty cool to have the new Iron Man fight the old Iron Man, so I’m going to go with it.

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Iron Monger, kind of a bizzaro Iron ManIron Man faces down Iron MongerIron Man tries out for World’s Strongest Man

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark tries out flyingTony Stark:  Super BlacksmithIron Man in his tough guy pose

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark examines his fancy robotic handIron Man in his GQ poseIron Man in his “talk to the glowing hand” poseIron Man in his power pose


  1. Blair’s avatar

    Nerd Alert! In the movie Obadiah Stane, who is Iron Monger, steals the designs for the original Iron Man suit and improves it, creating the Iron Monger armor (which is why it looks like the Mark I armor). In the comics, he found a notebook detailing Tony Starks designs for Iron Man armors and had scientists create the Iron Monger armor from those notes. It looked different than Iron Man’s armors, unlike the movie, but the basic concept is still the same. It’s a bigger, strong, more heavily armed Iron Man suit.

  2. Sean’s avatar

    I had a feeling someone out there would be able to explain this…

    I guess since Iron Man is a superhero that doesn’t depend on any kind of super power it makes sense that someone else could just copy him. Makes for an interesting story.

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