Random Cover of the Week – Yael Naïm Beats Britney

French singer Yael Naïm

For some reason I’m drawn to covers of glossy, over-produced pop songs. I like hearing the songs’ potential revealed as layers are stripped away. This is why I keep coming back to covers of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”. The song has a great melody, but all the shit piled on top of it make the glossy pop poster girl’s version unlistenable. Not so for this version by French/Isreali singer Yael Naïm.

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Naim’s version a bazillion times better than Britney’s, but who would win a cat fight? Naim was in the Isreali Defence Force. Britney’s completely bat shit crazy. So I don’t know. But I know I’d pay to see it…


  1. Great White Snark’s avatar

    Have to admit, the original is a guilty, *guilty* pleasure of mine, but I’m now listening to this cover for the second time in a row. Good find.

  2. Sean’s avatar

    Wow. I wouldn’t go that far. I’ve found versions of the song that make me realize that it’s well-written, but the original makes me cringe. But hey, that’s why they record all them songs, right?

  3. Blair’s avatar

    I must agree with GWS. I hate to admit it, but I kinda dig the original. It’s catchy. I will say that this version, and some of the other versions, are superior. But I still dig the original. I now feel dirty. I must now take a shower.

  4. Kasey’s avatar

    I’d like it if it wasn’t so slow, the word’s just don’t go with the slow, sombre tone.

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