Sunday Music Spotlight – Marseille Figs

Marseille Figs - an experimental pop band from London
It’s not often you see a band where each of the members lives in a different country, but that’s the case for Marseille Figs. The band is based in London, but its three members live in London, Barcelona, and Berlin. This understandably limits their live performances, but it hasn’t kept them from making their own special blend of eclectic music I like to call country-honky-poppy-anti-folk, but whatever you call it, it’s as unique as the people who make it.

The three men who comprise Marseille Figs aren’t just musicians. The band formed while its members were in a London Art School, and the guys are active members of Europe’s avant garde art community. Add that to the fact that each of them play several instruments and you have quite the collection of Renaissance men.

The band came together in 1999, but it wasn’t until 2007 that they finally released their first full-length album, The Dirty Canon.

Marseille Figs - The Dirty CanonMarseille Figs - Honey How You Like Your Eggs

With a solid country two-step feel and bawdy, double entendre-filled lyrics, “Honey How You Like Your Eggs?” is my kind of music.

Marseille Figs - Caesars Revenge

Gravelly sax, gravelly vocals, and gravelly lyrics. Like Tom Waits meets Clarence Clemons.

Bonus Video
“Stagger Lee”
This video is an unfinished collaboration between Marseille Figs and animator Milo Warfield. It’s a cover of an old traditional blues song.

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