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Just ignore the subtitles in this gem, and feast your eyes and ears on the awesomeness that is the international trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds:

I’m not always a big Ricky Gervais fan. Some of his stuff is really funny, but other stuff falls flat for me. His upcoming movie The Invention of Lying looks like it might fall somewhere in the middle. It’s got a good premise though. It’s set in a world where everyone has to tell the truth, all the time. As you can imagine, that leads to some awkward situations. But Gervais’ character figures out how to lie. Since everyone always tells the truth, people assume he’s telling the truth, even when he’s lying. See, I told you it was a good premise. Check out the trailer:

The Invention of Lying comes to theaters September 25th.

Those Darlins, a honky-punk trio from Tennessee

Tell me if this sounds familiar: three like-minded musicians form a band, and as part of their schtick they all take the same last name. Then they work that last name into the band’s name. They proceed to do things their own way, with attitude. Eventually their music gets noticed and they take New York by storm. You’ve heard this before right? It’s The Ramones, right?

Nope. Instead of long-haired ugly dudes from New York, this is a trio of Southern chicks. Where The Ramones’ music was straightforward and easy to define, their music shifts from song to song, jumping genres and defying expectations. They do share The Ramones’ spirit though: they’re doing things their way, and they don’t care what you think about it. They’re Those Darlins, and you’d best take notice, because if they have their way they’re taking over the music world.
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RIP Billy Mays

uber-pitchman Billy Mays dead at 50Billy Mays has made his last pitch. The man behind such Made for TV products as Oxy Clean, Mighty Putty, and Orange Glo was found dead in his home this morning. He was 50. The cause of death has yet to be determined.

Mays rose to stardom after he began pitching Oxy Clean. His distinctive style won fans and critics, and made him ripe for parody. Despite the fact that some people saw him as over-the-top, his approach undeniably worked, as the products he pitched sold enormous quantities.

Whether you loved or hated him, you have to admit the world is a quieter, yet less interesting, place without him.

I realize this Friday Night Video is actually going up on Saturday night. Sorry about that. What can I say? Things happen on Friday nights. We now return to our regularly scheduled program

If you’re a regular reader it won’t come as a surprise that I’m a big Bishop Allen fan. So any chance I get I’m going to post about them. Well here’s a chance. The band released a homemade-looking video for their infectious song “Shanghaid”, featuring them sitting around an apartment, and bunnies. Hey, it’s hard to go wrong with bunnies, right? Check it out, and don’t blame me when the song gets stuck in your head:

via You Ain’t No Picasso (which is named after a Bishop Allen song…)

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is the Don Rickles of dogs. He’s hilarious because he’s mean. Really mean. His coverage of the uber-nerds camping out to see Star Wars Episode II is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. So when he heads to the Bonnaroo Hippie Fest Music and Arts Festival, I get excited. Check it out as he makes some new, but dirty, friends:

Part 1:

Part 2:

How cool would it be to play Tiger Woods at golf? Probably not that cool, because you don’t stand a chance in hell at winning. But how cool would it be to play Tiger Woods at Tiger Woods Golf? Now we’re talking, since he’s probably a mere mortal at the game.

Jimmy Fallon put this to the test on his show, taking on Tiger on the 11th hole of Bethpage Black (the course Tiger just played for the US Open). Would he be able to show Tiger up at his own game? Or would Tiger prove that he’s a golf master, no matter the medium? Watch and find out:

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, dead at 50

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If you don’t know who Regina Spektor is I feel a little sorry for you. She’s one of the most unique and talented ladies on the music scene. Her song “Fidelity” was a breakthrough for her in 2006, and odds are you’d recognize it if you heard it. If you haven’t heard of John Lennon you may as well just stop reading now and go back to whatever planet you’re from. Here’s Ms. Spektor covering Lennon’s song “Real Love”, a song he wrote, but the other three Beatles “finished” for the Anthology 2 album. This may sound blasphemous, but I think I like her version better. Take a listen and you can decide for yourself.

Whether or not you’re a fan of war movies, if you haven’t seen the miniseries Band of Brothers you’re missing one of the great TV shows ever produced. Now would be a good time to catch up with it, since HBO will bring us its followup, The Pacific, next year. While Band of Brothers followed a company of soldiers on their deployments in Europe, The Pacific will focus on the experiences of three Marines in the Pacific theater. Just like Band of Brothers, The Pacific will consist of 10 one-hour episodes, and the production is a massive undertaking. The story is based on two books written by Marines who were there, Eugene Sledge’s With the Old Breed and Robert Leckie’s Helmet for my Pillow.

HBO has released a trailer for the series, and it looks phenomenal:

Look for The Pacific on HBO in 2010, possibly starting in March.

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