A Bunch of Random Stuff

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve run across recently that I want to comment on, but none of it is really newsworthy or interesting enough for a whole post. Here we go:

michael_bayBravo to Entertainment Weekly for summing up Micheal Bay’s Transformers debacle

U2 is playing Letterman for a whole week. Is this a good idea? Oh, maybe if that means no of Paul Schaffer for the whole week…

Speaking of U2, the title track from No Line on the Horizon leaked, and was quickly pulled from every imaginable place. So no idea how good or bad it is.

It's Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaI spent the weekend watching the first three seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and it’s ridiculously goddamn funny. About the time the gang tried to put a baby in a tanning booth I realized they were on a different level of twisted than any other show on television. Fittingly, I was in Philadelphia today, and it was very sunny.

A new Decemberists’ song, “Hazards of Love 1”, is available for streaming from their MySpace. It’s very Decemberists. So if you like that sort of thing check it out. I’m officially really excited for their new album.

Pepsi is introducing Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback in April, with real sugar. I find this mildly interesting for some reason, even though I don’t completely buy into the anti-high-fructose-corn-syrup hype.

House was awesome last night, despite what TV Squad has to say. Give me House, an atheist priest, and a toe falling off and I’m happy.

There’s more to The Simpsons new opening than you probably noticed.

Madonna’s officially really, really creepy.