A Preview of AMC’s Remake of The Prisoner

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of The Prisoner, if you’re a big TV watcher there’s a good chance you’ve seen references to it. The Simpsons did a parody of it. Lost owes some of it’s weird island stuff to it. Hell, it’s even referenced in High Fidelity (Rob asks Barry who the show’s star was while he’s chatting up Marie De Salle in the bar). Not bad for a show that only ran two seasons.

AMC is bringing the show back, if only as a six episode mini-series. It stars Jim Cavaziel as the protagonist, Number Six, and Ian McKellen as his nemesis, Number Two (quit giggling, it’s not a poop joke). That’s right, we finally get to see Jesus take on Gandalf. Check out the preview AMC released for the show:

Looks pretty interesting, doesn’t it. The Prisoner debuts November 15th.