Awesome Overload: Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

I know, you’re thinking to yourself “this can’t be real”. Well, not only is it real, but it start Lorenzo Lamas and Debbie Gibson! And of course a mega shark and giant octopus. It’s got the cheesiness of Snakes on a Plane, plus the nasty shark from Deep Blue Sea, plus an octopus. Oh, and the scariest possible thing on the planet: FLYING. MEGA. SHARK. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

You can check out this bad boy when it goes direct-to-video on May 19th.

via Film School Rejects


  1. Blair’s avatar

    A giant shark jumping out of the water and biting the Golden Gate Bridge…sounds like a job for Sam Fucking Jackson to me. Why isn’t he in this movie? I’m also kind of surprised that Dean Cain isn’t in this. He seems to be the king of bad Animal vs Animal straight to DVD movies.

  2. Blair’s avatar

    Turns out IMDB doesn’t list Dean Cain in any Animal Vs Animal. Weird, I could’ve sworn he was in at least a few. He was in the awesome sounding movie New Alcatraz, which was originally titled Boa.

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