Pics and Video of The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band

The mega electronics show E3 is going on now, and with it comes a bunch of sneak previews. One of the big previews was for the upcoming continuation of the Rock Band franchise, appropriately titled The Beatles: Rock Band. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Yoko Ono even showed up at the press conference to help get things going. Once the Harmonix folks started showing off the game it became apparently they’ve pulled out all the stops. How so?

  • Multi-part harmonies – for the first time you’ll be able to do three-part harmonies in the game
  • Scenes recreated from The Beatles history, from The Cavern to Shea Stadium, from Abbey Road studios to the Rooftop Concert
  • Replicas of the band’s iconic instruments (John’s Rickenbacker guitar, George’s Gretsch, Paul’s Hofner bass, and Ringo’s Ludwig drums). Check out the pics (and click for the full-sized version):
The Rickenbacker guitar from The Beatles: Rock BandThe Gretsch Guitar from The Beatles: Rock BandThe Hofner bass from The Beatles: Rock BandThe Ludwig drums from The Beatles: Rock Band

Not excited yet? Then check out the promo video, which shows the various locations and a few of the songs that are included:

Hopefully your interest is as piqued as mine is now. Unfortunately there’s still a bit of a wait. The Beatles: Rock Band doesn’t come out until September 9th.