Destino: Salvador Dali’s Disney Cartoon

If you’ve been to college you’re probably familiar with the art of Salvador Dali. Not because of an art appreciation class, but rather the ubiquitous posters on dorm room walls. He’s best known for his surrealist paintings of melting clocks and long-legged elephants. Most people don’t know that in 1945 he started working with Walt Disney to bring his unique vision to the big screen. The project, titled Destino, was scrapped after just a few months due to financial concerns. In 1999 the Disney company decided to finish the short film, and in 2003 they released it to the public for the first time. Since then it’s been attached to various other Disney films, but never available on home video. That will apparently change next year, when Disney will release it with a documentary about the project’s history.

So it’s an interesting story, but how is the actual movie? Weird. But good. A good weird. The animators did a great job capturing Dali’s style, meaning the film looks like a Dali painting in motion. Check it out:

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    very impressive work.

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