Friday Night Video – Back to the 90s with Bell Biv DeVoe

Think back to 1990 for a second, if you’re able to remember it. If you’re too young, you should probably just go text someone, put Hannah Montana on your iPod, and get the hell off my lawn. Where were we? Right, 1990. On March 1st the music world received a gift in the form of a song so funky it could make angels shake their booties. When historians write of that day they will note the golden beam of light that came from Boston, brightening a dark musical scene with its glimmering rays of pure, glistening New Jack Swing. The gift was provided by the three most talented musicians ever to assemble, a power trio of unparalleled skill and vision. Ricky Bell, Michael Bivens, and Ronnie DeVoe bestowed “Poison” onto an unsuspecting musical landscape, forever changing the way music was perceived. Let’s partake in their divine work, reveling in the masterful interplay of words, beats, and melodies: