Friday Night Video – Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend”

I listened to a lot of music in the 90s. I went through both high school and college in the decade, so it encompassed my musical coming of age. I listened to everything from big band to hip hop, classic rock to grunge. But one of my favorite songs of the decade was Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend”. I love that it sounds like it should be a love song, but it really isn’t. “I wanna love somebody. I hear you need somebody to love.” Not exactly the height of romance. The video is a combination of clips from the anime movie Space Adventure Cobra and Sweet singing. Even though I’m not a fan of anime in general (being forced to watch Akira in college scarred me for life), I really enjoy how it’s used in the video. Check it out:

On a side note, even though “Girlfriend” is a great song, and I will always have a soft spot for it, Matthew Sweet is pretty much dead to me. In 1995 I saw him in concert, and it was the worst fucking concert I’ve ever seen. The sound guy should have been fired on the spot, because all you could hear was Sweet’s guitar. And the guitar was out of tune the whole time. When you could hear Sweet singing he was off key. Just a debacle.