Friday Night Video – The Swell Season’s “Low Rising”

Remember the Jason Segal video I posted a while ago? The one where he sings a song giving his phone number to women who want to have sex with him. Sheer genius. In that video he’s playing with The Swell Season, a band composed of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, and they’re quite the interesting pair. If you’ve seen the movie Once you already know who they are. If you haven’t, please stop reading this and go watch it. It’s fantastic. But I digress. Hansard is the frontman and songwriter of the Irish band The Frames. Irglova is a Czech singer and songwriter. In addition to being bandmates they were romantically involved for a couple of years, but have managed to stay together musically. They just released an album called Strict Joy, and a video for the first single from it, “Low Rising”. The video is directed by Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam, and features a couple stuck in a bit of a rut. A very soggy rut. Check it out:

via BoingBoing