Friday Night Videos – Man Man, The Thermals, and St. Vincent

There’s a theme to this week’s trio of videos. See if you can spot it.

Philly’s masters of oddness Man Man present the video for their song “Rabbit Habbits”, from the album of the same name. More than just a video, it’s really a short film about the quest for love and acceptance. About the difficulty fitting into society when you’re different. It stars SNL’s Fred Armison and that girl who played Seth Rogan’s friend’s girlfriend in Knocked Up.

The Thermals are back with a new album, Now We Can See, and they’ve released the video for the title track:

Finally, Annie Clark is getting set to release her second album under the moniker St. Vincent. Actor is set to be released May 5th. The song that inspired the name is “Actor Out of Work”, and the video just came out: