Prepare to Laugh…

There’s a little game we like to play in my family. It’s called “make mom laugh until sound stops coming out and maybe she pees a little”. There’s no telling what will set her off, but once we get her going it’s all hands on deck to push it as far as possible. People will come running from all over the house to join in. The dogs will start barking (probably from the super-sonic noises). In general it’s mass hysteria. It usually ends with her waving her hands in front of her eyes to dry the tears. And her callous, jaded children basking in their accomplishment.

Why do I bring this up? Because this video just did that to me. Not my mom. Me. Comedy works in mysterious ways. Sometimes it’s a well-timed, well-honed joke. Sometimes it’s a hamster in a wok:

If any of my family members are reading this, please show it to mom. And tape her reaction. If she goes into full-on dog-whistle laugh, I win.