Happy π Day

Srinivasa Ramanujan's equation for determining pi
Today, 3/14, is Pi Day, a day to embrace your inner dork and rationally celebrate the irrational number behind such hits as “the circumference of a circle”, “the area of a sphere”, and “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle“. So at 1:59 have a piece of pie, and in the true spirit of the day, calculate the area of the pie (πr2). If you’re not able to chow down on some pie, here are a couple of alternative ways to celebrate:

Hard n Phirm’s song, “Pi”:

“Lose Yourself in the Digits”

Maybe a pi-ku (a poem that uses the syllabic form of haiku, with each successive word being the number of letters of its respective digit in pi, and describing pi)

Let C over D
(wheel perimeter on height)
equal its value.

Or, for a little perspective, here’s a Dinosaur Comic on the problems with Pi Day.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Pi Day, enjoy it. I’m just bummed our stupid calendar system doesn’t give us a chance to celebrate Φ Day