Now THIS is How You Release an Album!

drummer and album-release trendsetter Josh Freese

In this age, where illegally downloading music is actually easier than buying it, artists are coming up with creative ways to get people to pay for their music. An increasingly-popular way is to bundle the music with other valuable things. The White Stripes sold Icky Thump on limited edition Jack and Meg USB drives. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor did something similar with last years Ghost I-IV, making the album available for free, but selling packages that included bonus material. But now Reznor’s buddy has taken this concept to a new, awesome, level.

Josh Freese is a drummer. He’s played with Nine Inch Nails, Devo, The Vandals, and A Perfect Circle. Now he’s releasing a solo album called Since1972, and you can download it for $7. Or, for only $75,000 you can get the album, a bunch of other stuff, and Freese will join your band. Or if you don’t have a band, he’ll be your personal assistant. Plus he’ll take you on a limo ride to Tijuana, get you trapeze lessons with Robin from NiN, and take you a shroom-fueled drive in Danny from TOOL’s Lambo. In other words, for $7 you get some music. For $75k you get a shit ton of awesome.

If $75 grand is out of your price range, there are plenty of other levels that have their own cool prizes. Want to go to his house and take three things from his closet? $2,500. Want him to give you a foot and back massage? $10k. For only $250 you can go to lunch with him at either PF Changs OR Cheesecake Factory! Now that seems like a bargain to me.

I have no idea if the music will be any good at all, but you have to admire the creativity. Hopefully more artists will pick up on this, and I’ll finally be able to take Neko Case to dinner at Olive Garden…

Check out Reese’s promo video for this whole deal:

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  1. Blair’s avatar

    This idea is amazing! If only I had a shit ton of money lying around. I want someone to write, record, and market an ep about my life story god dammit.

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