Leftovers: Predators, Muppets, and Richard Simmons

Robert Rodriguez is rebooting Predator
Because Hollywood is truly out of original ideas, 20th Century Fox is bringing back the Predator franchise. Robert Rodriguez is set to direct Predators. The movie will follow a team of commandos who have to face down a group of Predators, plural. Since Rodriguez’s schedule is full of Machete and Nervewrackers we probably won’t see this until 2011. Can’t say I’m disappointed by that.

first poster for Sasha Baron Cohen's BrunoWe got a trailer for Sasha Baron Cohen’s new movie Bruno a couple of weeks ago. Now we get the first poster. And it’s fairly disturbing. If anyone knows how I can scrub that image out of my brain, please let me know. Bruno follows an Austrian fashion designer who makes everyone around him very, very awkward. If it’s anything like Borat it should be the most uncomfortable kind of fun possible. (click on the picture to see it full-sized)

Nobody realized it at the time, but looking back, The Dana Carvey show had an unbelievable cast of writers. The show had almost as many great writers as episodes. It only lasted 8 shows, but check out this list of writers: Louis C.K., Dana Carvey, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Bob Odenkirk, Robert Smigel, and Charlie Kaufman. Yeah, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich Charlie Kaufman. The episodes are all up on Hulu now, so you can try to figure out how such a great team of writers didn’t succeed.

I love a good trailer mashup, and this one’s pretty damn good. Take the audio from the Ocean’s Eleven trailer, and video from The Great Muppet Caper, and you get something totally awesom:

And finally, from the WTF department, watch as Richard Simmons flips the fuck out: