The Amazing Cinematography of Mad Men

Mad Men
WARNING: hard-core film geek material to follow. Proceed only if the terms “pull out” and “push in” don’t just apply to porn to you.

I love Mad Men. It is, quite simply, the best written, best acted, and best looking series on television today. It’s set in Manhattan in the 60s, and I can’t remember a show that represents its time and place better than it does (with the possible exception of The Wire, but living in Baltimore I may be biased). The men wear suits. The women wear dresses. Everyone smokes and drinks at the office. But it turns out it’s not just the overt things on the screen that give the sense of the 60s; it’s also the way the show is shot.

Film Freak Central put together a very cool visual essay on the cinematography of Mad Men, and it shows the care the directors and cinematographers put into every shot. Check it out:

Mad Men begins its third season on AMC Sunday Night. If you haven’t watched the first two seasons yet, do yourself a favor and check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

(BTW, this video gets extra credit for using Miles Davis’ “Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)” from Sketches of Spain. Awesome.)