Random Cover of the Week – A Homeless Guy Improves Radiohead

Longtime readers know how I feel about Radiohead. If you’re not up to speed, the short version is that I think they suck, and everybody knows they suck, but people think it’s cool to like them, so they pretend to. A basic Emperor’s New Clothes story.

So it’s not a surprise that I think someone’s cover of a Radiohead song is better than the original. What IS surprising is whose cover I think is better. He’s not exactly an established figure in the music industry. He’s not a teenager performing for the world of YouTube. He’s not someone you would even notice if you passed him on the street. He’s a homeless guy who went on the Opie & Anthony radio show to promote their Homeless Shopping Spree. During the course of the interview he let them know he played guitar and sang. So they tracked down a guitar for him and he played a couple of songs for them. One of them was this version of Radiohead’s “Creep”, and it’s amazing. Maybe it’s the different perspective the lyrics take when he sings them. Maybe it’s the raw emotion in his voice. Whatever it is, Thom Yorke should figure it out. Because, as the kids say, he got served.

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    Creep is probably the only Radiohead song I enjoy, and this dude nailed it. Far and away better than Radiohead. This guy needs to be making music professionally. That raw quality to his voice is kind of refreshing compared to the autotuned bullshit that’s around now.

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