Random Cover of the Week – Regina Spektor Covers John Lennon

If you don’t know who Regina Spektor is I feel a little sorry for you. She’s one of the most unique and talented ladies on the music scene. Her song “Fidelity” was a breakthrough for her in 2006, and odds are you’d recognize it if you heard it. If you haven’t heard of John Lennon you may as well just stop reading now and go back to whatever planet you’re from. Here’s Ms. Spektor covering Lennon’s song “Real Love”, a song he wrote, but the other three Beatles “finished” for the Anthology 2 album. This may sound blasphemous, but I think I like her version better. Take a listen and you can decide for yourself.

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  1. Jessica’s avatar

    It’s not blasphemous, but even though it’s not finished, unpolished, the original demo by John Lennon is actually very good in-and-of itself. I don’t like the ‘finished’ Beatles version after hearing the original demo.

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