Random Cover of the Week – Two Girls, One Uke

It’s the convergence of amazing things: The Beatles, ukuleles, Jonathan Coulton. All mixed together with a title stolen from gross-out porn. Fantastic.

So here’s the story: Last year Jonathan Coulton suggested that his two feuding ukulele ladies get together and perform a song on one uke, with one strumming and the other fretting. There were two problems with this idea. First, the two ladies, Molly Lewis (aka SweetAfton23) and Kristen Shorts, were on different coasts. Second, they hate each other. Or not. Maybe it was just the first one. Who knows with these things? Anyway, they finally got together and did The Beatles’ “We Can Work it Out”. As they say in the business, wackiness ensues. I hope you’re happy JoCo.