Random Cover of the Week – Ventriloquist Choir Covers The Beatles

This might be the most random of the Random Covers of the Week. It’s a choir of ventriloquists, on Hungarian television, singing The Beatles’ “Yesterday”. Seriously. Apparently these guys were big on Conan back in the day, but apparently I missed it. This thing rocked my world and shook my faith in humanity. Think about it for a second. Think about the skills involved here. You have to be a proficient ventriloquist. You have to be able to sing. And you have to be able to bear making a complete fool of yourself. I’m amazed there were enough people with this skill set to form a group this size. And it seems like they managed to assemble pre-internet. Can you imagine the bulletin board posting? “Singing ventriloquist seeking similar to form cover choir”.

Now, the premise here is hilarious all by itself. But the fact that they’re really good ventriloquists, really bad singers, and incredibly goofy looking people really pushes it over the top. For me it went from Stunned Silence to Uncomfortable Laughter to All-Out Guffawing and back. That’s a lot of emotions for one short song. Well, without further ado:

via BoingBoing