Random Cover of the Week – Virtual Zeppelin

You’ve just gotta love technology. Thanks to the magic of the interwebs bands aren’t limited by geographical proximity. You can have a guitarist in Japan, a drummer in Canada, a singer in Virginia. It doesn’t matter. Then, instead of having to get together and travel for shows you can just put the videos on YouTube. Awesome!

There are a few virtual tribute bands that have sprung up, taking advantage of all this technology. The best of the bunch seems to be Virtual Zeppelin, playing (you guessed it) covers of Zeppelin tunes. Really, really well. The singer, YouTube user Jamesfromva, sounds enough like Robert Plant that you almost think he’s lip-synching. And the rest of the band is solid as well, doing a good job nailing Zeppelin’s idiosyncrasies. In all it’s an amazing display of what technology has wrought. Check out a few of their covers:

“Black Dog”

“Ten Years Gone”

“Over the Hills and Far Away”

“The Lemon Song”