Random Stuff Roundup

The cast of SeinfeldThe cast of Seinfeld is reuniting for a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm! This is doubly cool because I didn’t even know Curb Your Enthusiasm was coming back for another season. I can’t wait!

Kevin Smith is set to direct a new movie he didn’t write, starring Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan. Don’t worry though; it’s still about dicks.

Jimmy Kimmel’s security guard Guillermo has the lead role in X-Men Origins: Wolberine. Funny stuff.

The state song of Oklahoma is by The Flaming Lips. The state passed a resolution making the Tusla natives’ “Do You Realize?” the official state rock song, though they let the Rogers & Hammerstein song “Oklahoma” stay the overall state song. “Do You Realize?” is a good song, but I can only assume the state hasn’t gotten a pre-release copy of Bishop Allen’s Grrr…, because there’s a song on there that would be perfect. Anyway, here’s the Flaming Lips song, in case you’re not familiar with it:

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The Beatles edition of Rock Band is coming September 9th. You can get it with instruments inspired by what The Fab Four played, or just get the game. No word on the track list yet, but come on, it’s The Beatles, you know it will be good.

Finally, Watchmen is finally out, and I will find a way to go see it tomorrow. Until then, amuse yourself by watching what Watchmen would have looked like as a Saturday morning cartoon: