Raping My Childhood: MacGyver Movie in the Works

Let me go on record now: this is a fucking terrible idea. New Line is developing a MacGyver movie. Seriously folks. Hollywood is so desperate for ideas that it’s actually going to try to bring the pacifistic über-improviser to the big screen, more than 17 years after he left the small one.

Let’s assume, best-case scenario, they get Richard Dean Anderson to play an aging MacGyver. And, because Hollywood is predictable as hell, let’s assume the writers pair him with a young protege. Then we’re only one step away from MacGyver fighting aliens and getting raped by Spielberg and Lucas on South Park. And that’s the BEST scenario. Let me say it again: bad fucking idea. If the producers don’t watch out an angry Scot may blow them up with some duct tape, a nail file, and a nectarine.