A New Unreleased Take of The Beatles’ “Revolution”

It’s not very often Beatles fans get to hear something, anything, new. The band’s vault of unreleased material has been emptied over the years as different collections, anthologies, and special editions have been released. So it’s a rare and exciting occasion when something new is uncovered. Today’s such an occasion, as someone has somehow leaked an over 10-minute take of “Revolution”.

The take was reportedly recorded in May and June of 1968, as the band was working on the White Album. The first half of the track has pieces that were obviously used in the final album version of “Revolution 1”. Then it transitions into the kind of avant-garde wanking that defined the album version of “Revolution 9”. As Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch put it:

The band quickly realized “Revolution” had potential as a single, and a 10-minute running time would make that impossible. The solution? They chopped it in half. The first part became “Revolution 1,” while the rest served as the basis for the “Revolution 9,” an experimental noise-fest that has long baffled many fans. Mystery solved! When you listen to this complete 10-minute version, suddenly “Revolution 9” starts to make a lot more sense.

While that’s true, it’s still safe to say that “Revolution 9” is unlistenable. And I think neither the album version nor this one are as good as the hard-rocking single version. But it’s still nice to get a glimpse into the creative process of a band as great as The Beatles.

Check out the full track below:

via PopWatch


  1. tamtam’s avatar

    An alternative mix of Revolution 9 has also appeared. We’re being spoilt! Anyone know if this is from the same source as Revolution 1 Take 20?


  2. Sean’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing! If only this was any other Beatles song…

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