The Dead Weather – A New Jack White Supergroup

Jack White's new band The Dead Weather
The White Stripes haven’t been doing a whole lot recently, but that doesn’t mean Jack White is just sitting around. Last year he released an album with The Raconteurs, and this year he’ll release one with another band: The Dead Weather. White doesn’t front this one however; he takes care of drums and vocals. Fronting the band is Allison Mossheart from The Kills. White’s fellow Raconteur Jack Lawrence plays bass, and guitar is handled by Queens of the Stone Age’s Dean Fertita. The band has two songs out already, with a four-song EP on the way. Check out the songs below:

“Hang You From the Heavens”

“Are Friends Electric”

via StereoGum

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  1. Henry’s avatar

    They look as if shampoo is foreign to them.

    It’s a good look for any musician though

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