The Decemberists Play New Material Live at SXSW

Colin Meloy of The Decemberists
(photo via VandelayIndustries on Flickr)

The Decemberists new album, Hazards of Love, finally hits shelves and whatever the digital equivalent of shelves are on Tuesday. If, hypothetically, I had somehow managed to track it down before its release date, and listened to it 15 or so times, I could tell you that it’s phenomenal. That it’s an ambitious rock opera that takes several listens to truly appreciate. That it works on a different level than anything I’ve heard in years. I could tell you all of this if I’d managed to track down a pre-release copy. Which I haven’t. 😉

Since the album works best as a whole, the band is performing it that way on their upcoming tour. Apparently they started it last night for their show at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, and it rocked. Trials + Tribulations has a full review, and they make it sound epic. I can’t wait until they come around here in June. Maybe this can tide me over though. It’s a video of the band performing “Annan Water”, one of the stronger individual songs from the album: