The Nightman Cometh, The Musical, Live

If you’re not a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia just stop reading and go watch it now. It’s probably the funniest thing on TV, and it’s definitely the most wrong. It’s like Seinfeld, but with no morals.

Anyhoo, if you ARE a fan of the show you’ll remember the musical the gang put on at the end of Season 4, The Nightman Cometh. It was a high water mark in television history. It had drama, glamor, singing, and trolls. Truly spectacular. What could be better than The Nightman Cometh on tv? How about a live performance?

A couple weekends ago the whole gang got together in LA and performed the whole musical on stage. I would have give my right nut to see that. Luckily, via the magic of the internets, we can see some clips. Dayman, a-wo-OH-OH!