The White Stripes Play Conan’s Last Show

In case you didn’t know, Friday was Conan’s last episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He’s leaving the show, and New York, behind to take over Leno’s gig on The Tonight Show. He spent his last show replaying classic moments from the show, thanking people, and trying not to cry. For his final musical guest he managed to book a band that’s had a long and fruitful relationship with him, The White Stripes. It was Jack and Meg’s first show since they cancelled the Icky Thump tour in the summer of 2007. They busted out a very different, very strange version of “We’re Going to Be Friends”, with Meg on guitar.

Good luck Conan! Don’t suck like Leno.

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    Thanks for sharing the clip, TWS is one of my favorites bands

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