Trailer for Patton Oswalt in Big Fan

I’m a big fan of Patton Oswalt. He manages to be funny without pandering to retards (I’m looking at you Mr. Cook). Plus he’s from my hometown. So when he has a movie coming out I assume it’s going to be high quality (unlike Mr. Cook’s Employee of the Month). The trailer for his upcoming movie Big Fan certainly helps those expectations.

Big Fan follows Oswalt’s character, a rabid NY Giants fan, through a crisis of fandom. It’s billed as a dark comedy, but the trailer makes it seem more like a drama. Either way, Patton looks like he does a great job, and since it’s written by Robert Seigel (who wrote last year’s The Wrestler) I have a feeling the story will be good. Check it out:

Big Fan comes to theaters August 29th. And by the way, the Giants suck.