Trailer for Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes

The upcoming film adaptation of Sherlock Holmes has a few things going for it. First it stars Robert Downey, Jr., Hollywood’s current top dog, coming off of Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. Second it has uber-hottie Rachel McAdams in it. Finally, Dr. Holmes is a compelling character, especially in this incarnation, as a more free-spirited, lascivious genius. So what could make this a bust? Two words: Guy Ritchie. The man directed two very good movies (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch). Since then he’s directed utter shit (see Swept Away, starring his wife Madonna, with an incredible %5 on Rotten Tomatoes). So I’m not sure what will happen here. Will the old Guy Ritchie return? Or will this be another step into Uwe Boll territory? Check out the trailer and decide for yourself:

Sherlock Holmes comes to theaters Christmas Day.