Trailer for Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness

Remember back when Mel Gibson was just an actor that showed up in good movies? Before he was directing movies in ancient languages. Before he was getting drunk and calling cops “sugartits”. Before he started spewing anti-semitic comments. I do, and I would like to go back there. I enjoyed Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, and Ransom. I even liked Conspiracy Theory and The Patriot. In short, the movie world is better when Mel Gibson is keeping his mouth shut, shelving his artistic and religious ambitions, and just acting in fun movies.

Well with Edge of Darkness we may be getting back to those days. Gibson plays a cop whose daughter is murdered. In the process of investigating the murder he uncovers a bunch of conspiracies, and generally gets to be a badass. Sounds simple. No dead languages. No heavy religious overtones. Just some mystery and some action. Perfect. Check out the trailer and let me know if you welcome Mr. Gibson back to the land of normal movies:

Edge of Darkness hits theaters January 29th, 2010.