A Second Trailer for Where the Wild Things Are!

This has actually been out for a couple of weeks, and somehow it slipped by me. But that won’t keep me from sharing it with you. It’s the second trailer for Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, and this one gives us a better feel for what the movie’s all about:

I was really excited for this as soon as I heard Spike Jonze was at the helm, and everything I’ve seen since has only heightened that excitement. I don’t have any special childhood memories of the book or anything. I just trust Spike, and I thought he’d be able to bring a cool vision to the story. Now I’m pretty sure I was right, because the Wild Things look great. And with Dave Eggars writing the screenplay you can probably count on the story keeping up with the visuals.

The wild rumpus starts October 19th.