Friday Night Video – The Boss’ Ode to Jesse James

Sometimes you have to love the iPod’s Genius feature. You’re in the mood for a certain type of song, so you put one on and hit the Genius button, and the iPod magically finds more songs that are similar to it. Kind of. Sometimes it gets a little confused. For instance, today I started a Genius playlist on Jimmy Buffett’s “Kick it in Second Wind”, and the next song that came up was Bruce Springsteen’s “Pay Me My Money Down”, from We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. Not exactly similar. One of Buffett’s more straight-ahead rock songs into The Boss doing essentially a folk/bluegrass song. Sorry Apple, you’re no genius this time. But…

I hadn’t listened to that Bruce album in a while, and this little Genius slip up made me go back and listen to it again. And I then I remembered just how much I love the whole album. So tonight we’re going to get my favorite song from it, performed live. Here’s Mr, Springsteen, paying homage to Pete Seeger, with “Jesse James”:

Thanks Apple! Your screw up actually paid off this time!