Friday Night Video – The Talking Heads Make Sense

I’m kind of ashamed to admit that, before tonight, I had never seen Jonathan Demme’s classic concert film Stop Making Sense. The films shows The Talking Heads at their eclectic peak, working their way through classic songs like “Psycho Killer”, “Life During Wartime”, and “Once in a Lifetime”. Frontman (and under-appreciated musical genius) David Byrne excels at his role of quirky anti-rock-star. Demme focuses his camera on the band, rarely showing even the slightest glimpse of the crowd, and makes you feel like you’re actually watching the show live. The whole film is great, but the highlight is undoubtedly the scorching rendition of “Burning Down the House”:

If you’re a music fan and you haven’t seen Stop Making Sense, repent and go watch it now. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. adrienne’s avatar

    i love talking heads and i hadn’t seen this until last summer. it’s fantastic!

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