Friday Night Videos – Here Goes OK Go Again

Even if you don’t like OK Go’s music (and really, what’s not to like?) you have to give them credit for making interesting and innovative videos, usually for very little money. The video for their breakout hit “Here We Go Again” featured the band doing an incredibly complicated and intricately choreographed dance on four treadmills, in one continuous take. The timing of its release was perfect, since it hit when YouTube was just going mainstream. It went viral and really got the band on the map.

The band is back again with a new album and another video that was shot in one continuous take. It’s for the song “WTF?” and it features some old-school style computer graphics and a whole bunch of dollar store props. Check it out:

And in case you’re one of the 12 people that hasn’t seen it, here’s the eminently awesome video for “Here We Go Again”: