Jack Bauer’s Badass Move of the Week

24 is back, which means another very bad day for Jack Bauer. And another string of clips added to his highlight reel of badassitude. In case you aren’t familiar with Jack’s bad ass highlights, here’s clip to catch you up:

This week’s “premiere event” brought us the first four hours of Day 8, and to be honest, Jack was kind of shown up in the badass department. Ortiz drove over a bomb to save President Hasan and Renee cut off a Russian dude’s hand to get his parole bracelet off. Those are strong badass moves. Jack did get some good work in though. For his Badass Move of the Week it’s a close call between two. It was almost his kicking the crap out of Herc from The Wire, while tied to a chair. But I’m going to have to go with him burying a fucking fire axe in a dude’s chest as he came around a corner. Ouch.

Nice job Jack, that’s your Badass Move of the Week.