RIP Donald Goerke, Creator of SpaghettiOs

When I was a kid my mom used to send me to school with a thermos full of SpaghettiOs. Even though I lost the thermos a few times, mom kept replacing it and making sure I had a hot meal at school. So I have a soft spot for the little pasta and meatballs. Naturally I was a little upset to read that Donald Goerke, the man at Campbells who came up with the pseudo-Italian pasta-in-a-can, died last Sunday. He was 83.

Campbells tapped Goerke to come up with a kid-friendly pasta, and after trying shapes like cowboys, spacemen, stars, and sports shapes, he chose the simple O. He obviously chose wisely; SpaghettiOs sell over 150 million cans per year and are a staple with kids everywhere. In addition to creating SpaghettiOs, Goerke was also behind the ever-popular Chunky soup, a product that has provided extra income to NFL players for years.