The First Trailer for The A-Team

I would go on a long rant about how Hollywood needs to stop churning out craptastic adaptations of beloved old TV shows, but it’s late, I have a cold, and the NyQuil’s kicking in. So let’s just watch the ridiculous trailer for The A-Team and ponder how the hell anyone thought the guy that made the absolute disaster of a movie that was Smoking Aces could possibly be qualified to make a movie based on such a classic show:

BTW, I can’t decide if this is a trailer for The A-Team or a promo for the next batch of ridiculous movie myths they’ll try out on Mythbusters. “Hey Jaime, do you think it’s possible to survive a plane explosion by riding it out in a parachuting tank, then be able to shoot down planes with that tank?” “No Adam, that’s just fucking stupid. But we get to blow something up, so let’s try it!”

The A-Team smears poo all over a movie screen near you June 11th.