Trailer for The Avon Barksdale Story

Everyone knows The Wire was pretty much the greatest television show ever, right? If you haven’t seen it you should really stop reading this and go watch it. All five seasons worth.

Finished? Good. Now we can discuss. So now you know the first couple of seasons revolved around a drug kingpin named Avon Barksdale. Series creator David Simon loosely based that character (as well as his foot soldier Bodie) on a real Baltimore kingpin of the same name. Now there’s a documentary coming out about the real Avon Barksdale. It features the man himself, being interviewed by Wood Harris, who played him on TV. Check out the trailer:

Honestly, the trailer makes this look like it’s part bad documentary and part bad America’s Most Wanted recreations. But being a big fan of The Wire I think I have to check it out.

For more info head to Nah Right.

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  1. Curtis Lemansky’s avatar

    Trailer seems like a lot of hype, and too much BS, but I will watch it.
    Curtis Lemanski

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